Chapter 1 Introduction (315 KB)

The Created Need
Restoration, Rehabilitation or Reclamation
Building on Experience
Partnerships Mean Ownership

Chapter 2 Perspectives (848 KB)

What is a Watershed?
Life in a Dynamic Physical Environment ….. Eco ~ System
Stream Corridors
The Natural Tendency of Rivers (written by Jack G. Imhof)

Chapter 3 Look Before You Leap (623 KB)

Project Planning Basics
STEP 1: Focus
STEP 2: Research and Reconnaissance
STEP 3: Evaluation and Impact Assessment
STEP 4: Goal, Objectives and Targets

Chapter 4 Charting the Course to Action! (121 KB)

STEP 5: Plan, Prepare and Consult
STEP 6: Implement
STEP 7: Monitor and Report

Chapter 5 Learning From The Past (455 KB)

Gathering The Information
Drawing Conclusions...

Chapter 6 Techniques

Introduction (66 KB)
Barrier Management (446 KB)
Barrier Modification (335 KB)
Fishways (172 KB)
Soil Bioengineering (written by R. Grillmayer) (674 KB)
Live Staking (165 KB)
Fascines (98 KB)
Brushlayers (39 KB)
Brushmattress (39 KB)
Live Cribwall  (40 KB)
Willow Posts (36 KB)
Native Material Revetment (486 KB)
Live Rock Revetment  (41 KB)
Habitat Improvement
L.U.N.K.E.R.S. (89 KB)
Boulder Placement
Half Log Cover
Instream Log Cover
The Sweeper
Palette Cover
Cabled Log Jam
Channel Rehabilitation
Natural Channel Reconstruction (Under Construction)
Riparian Corridor Rehabilitation (Under Construction)
Woody Debris Management (225 KB)
Low Stage Weirs (Under Construction)
Wing Deflectors (130 KB)


Bibliography (35KB) 


Appendix A Demonstration Projects Catalogue (398 KB)
Appendix B Recommended Willows, Dogwoods and Poplars for Soil Bioengineering (1,506KB)
Appendix C Recommended Native Plants for Stream Corridor Rehabilitation (45 KB)
Appendix D Professional Consultants (1.21 KB)
Appendix E Internet Resources (35 KB)
Appendix F Project Planning Checklist (32 KB)

Data Sheets

Data Sheet 1: Watershed Inventory (36 KB)
Data Sheet 2: Stream Reach Survey (37 KB)
Data Sheet 3: Stream Reach Survey (30 KB)
Data Sheet 4: Stream Bottom Survey (30KB)
Data Sheet 4: Stream Bottom Survey (30KB)
Data Sheet 5: Flow Calculation 1 (36 KB)